Wednesday, March 29, 2006


I called the community education center to check on registration for Q's Gym Kids class and ended up in phone tree hell (the technical term would be IVR hell). The recorded voice gave me a bunch of choices, ending with "press five to speak to our office." When I pressed the 5 key, it said, "Sorry, that's an invalid response" and sent me back to the main menu, where it said, "Welcome to [Voicemail Product Name Withheld]!!!"

Why is this a big deal? It was my darn product! Or at least, I was the product manager for several recent years of my life. Ahhhhggg! How ironic that I be thwarted by my "other baby" while I'm trying to get information for Q.

Now I need to figure out how to get a hold of their IT department and tell them that they have a call handler mis-configured in their auto-attendant.

And yes, we did get Q into the class, and he had a nice time there. The room was covered with tumbling mats and had lots of soft structures to climb and bounce. He was a little shy, but he'll enjoy more of the activities as he gets more comfortable.

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