Tuesday, March 21, 2006

In Case of Emergency

Q woke at half past five and wouldn't sleep unless I held him, so I'm a little groggy today. I remember having dawn practice six days a week when I raced crew in college, and was grateful that I wasn't also outside and inches above the cold water of the Bay this morning.

Every solstice and equinox (no, there's no particular reason except that they're easy dates to remember), I check our emergency kit. You can buy complete survival kits for hundreds of dollars or go to Ready.gov for detailed lists, but that can get overwhelming. I just have a modest goal to make our supplies a little better each time.

For this refresh, I've removed the baby bottles and added sippy cups! We already have water, but we could use some more non-perishable foods. I'm trying to find a canned vegetable that SwingDaddy and Q will both be willing to eat. We could use a few more thermal blankets too.

On another safety topic, I came across the Who's Shoes site that offers small ID bands that Velcro onto children's shoes. That way, if they get lost, an adult can read the tag and find the parent's mobile phone number. My sister got ID wristbands for her husband and SwingDaddy for Christmas. Similar idea, but since the guys have a pretty good sense of direction, the ID bands just provide emergency contact info in case of injury while cycling or running.

The kiddie tags look like they'll do well. I think I'll see who else in my Moms Group is interested and order a batch.

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