Saturday, March 25, 2006

Hippos and Naps

I've had a grocery bag of old CDs sitting around for ages and finally took them to Half Price Books today. My sister, dad, and I browsed while they evaluated the stack and were pleasantly surprised to get $40 in return. It doesn't come remotely close to what the music cost originally, but when you're planning to get rid of something anyway, it seems like free money.

I picked up a set of Boyton board books, since Q likes them so much. Unfortunately, it didn't include Hippos Go Berserk, so we'll need to get that separately. "Nine hippos come to work, All the hippos go berserk!" Sorry, got carried away there. Really, it makes sense in context . . . mostly.

Q's words are getting much clearer. When I left to run an errand this morning, he said "bye-bye" quite well! As M Giant of Velcrometer reports of his son, M Small, animal noises are all the rage in the 1 year old set. We've got a horsey neigh, some quacks, a woof, and occasional moos, but it mostly depends on whether Q feels like driving the action or just sitting back and letting us entertain him with goofy sounds and faces instead.

I've now been sitting in our parked car for 40 minutes, while Q and SwingDaddy finish their naps. Someone insisted on getting up at 4:30 this morning (guess who), so they're catching up sleep before we go inside to my sister's place for dinner. I hope they wake up soon, 'cause I'm getting hungry! If I had wireless internet access in the car, I could post this now, instead of waiting until we're home. Plus, I could order a pizza to be delivered to the car.

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