Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Goldfish Fans

I have always been a huge fan of Goldfish crackers in all colors and shapes. To my delight, Jenny, supporter of all things cute, posted today at ljcfyi about their snacking coolness and photographed an official serving size - 51 fish.

I just had to get out my special Goldfish cracker container and fill it up! Oddly, the nutritional information on my packaging says there are 55 fish in a serving. Are west coast servings larger? Are the fish smaller? We may never know. I no longer remember how many proofs-of-purchase I had to collect for the Big Goldfish. Admittedly, it's an awkward shape to wash (the tail hinges open to access crackers), but he sure is cute.

1 comment:

odderie said...

Wow, fifty-one fish isn't very many. I eat those things like they're going out of style!

And, like you, I love the Big Fish. :)