Thursday, March 09, 2006

Food, Glorious Food

As Q gets more capable and ambitious (and therefore has more opportunities to be frustrated when he tries something new), I am reaching for ways to help him express himself. Last week, I took pictures of his favorite foods in the hopes that he'd be willing to point at the apple, the banana, or cheese. It would be simpler than our current mode of operation, which is to run all over the kitchen holding up enticing munchables.

Tuesday night, the ladies from Mommy Group met in a coffee shop with Nurse L, our former New Mothers class instructor. We get together informally with her once a quarter these days, to ask advice on eating, sleeping, all those critical basics.

I said, "I'm thinking about making a picture book of food, so Q can point to what he wants to eat."

Nurse L paused thoughtfully. "Ask yourself this: When he learns how to talk, is that what you want him to do? Do you really want to train him to order off a menu, like he's at a restaurant?" she asked. "Mommy, I want to eat this, not that."

She suggested encouraging him to eat what we cook, since that will be hard enough. Good point.

I think I'll save those photos for another project.


fourthbreakfast said...

So is Nurse L saying that Q should not be offered food choices?

Lady M said...

No, she suggested continuing what we do now, which is to offer two or three items and let him choose between them, rather than saying, "Whatever you want."

Dragon in a Tutu said...

Maybe you can create the Food Alphabet Book. You know, A is for Apple, B is for Banana, C is for Cheerio's...

Lady M said...

Good idea! I have the beginning of the alphabet well covered, but it gets sketchy at the end. Apple, Banana/Bread/Bagel, Cheerios/Cheese, French Toast, Water, Yogurt. I also have an excellent picture of the pink sugar-coated marshmallow Easter "Peeps" that I took for another purpose, but that doesn't seem like a good thing to offer the young'un. :)