Friday, March 17, 2006

Dressing a Galaxy

I finished reading Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars, by costume designer Trisha Biggar. The book features gorgeous, sumptuous pictures, accompanied by interesting commentary. For example, her team had to sew thousands of beads to cover the collar area of one Natalie Portman's gowns, when they discovered that the watered silk "strobed" for the digital camera. This fabric treatment would have been fine for film.

Another time, they discovered the vintage wool used for Jedi cloaks started to shrink as soon as they got wet. They had to replace the robes for every take, since the Jedi were walking into a lake!

I have the standard issue of the book, but it mentions that the limited edition includes fabric swatches from Biggar's favorite sixteen costumes and a Wookie belt buckle.

If you love costumes and textiles, it's a fun read.

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